Biochar Products


Char Briquettes

  • Made from coconut waste with an efficient and pollution free process
  • Calorific value ~ 4000-5000 kcal/kg
  • Ignite quickly, burn with very low smoke once properly ignited
  • Can be used as fuel for any charcoal stove, best suited for Samuchit Steam Cooker Stove.
  • NOT suited for use as fuel in commercial barbeque and tandoor
  • Leftover ash can be added to garden soil, or used for scrubbing of cooking pots, etc.


Organic Deodoriser

  • Removes odours from air in a closet, toilet, or any closed space
  • A product that supports livelihoods for rural communities
  • Contains semi-activated char made from agricultural waste with an efficient and pollution free process


Char Soap*

  • Glycerine base Aloevera soap with added semi-activated char powder
  • Effective cleanser for hand washing
  • Available in pleasant fragrances
  • *Available only on an experimental basis. Please contact if you are interested in starting a microenterprise production unit.