Bring home the eco-friendly Mitticool products which are made from clay. Ranging from water filter to non stick cookwares, these products are gaining popularity very fast, owing to their compact sizes and the experience of connecting with ancient eco-friendly cooking methods. Appealing colourful designs and creative looks are an eye candy...

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Mitticool Refrigerator

  • Mitticool Refrigerator is an eco-friendly natural refrigerator made entirely of clay.
  • Functions like a usual electric refrigerator which can be used to store the vegetables and fruits and also for cooling water.
  • This refrigerator provides cooling without any electricity or any other artificial energy source.
  • The upper portion of the refrigerator can store about 10 litres of water, while the lower cabinet has space for storing fruits, vegetables and milk to keep them fresh for 5-6 days.

Mitticool Cooker

  • The clay cooker uses minimum pressure just essential to cook food; as against an aluminium cooker, which cooks foods at high pressure, owing to loss of vital nutrients.
  • Due to retention of vital nutrients in cooking, the food tastes better and is more nutritious.
  • The cooker, being made out of clay, is naturally hygienic and gives an earthy taste to the food.

Mitticool Magic Pan (Non Stick Tava)

  • This innovative product is a clay tava with a non-stick coating on it.
  • Magic Pan does not only give your food an earthy taste but also help you cook rotis, parathas, naan and pizza breads with minimum oil use.
  • Food grade coating instead of Teflon chemical is used for a non-stick base, which provides healthy and hygienic food experience.

Mitticool Water Filter

  • The natural clay water filter not only helps to filter out impurities and germs but also gives you cool drinking water.
  • It can filter germs and bacteria up to 0.9 microns.
  • The filter is portable, hence can be carried outdoors.
  • Requires no electricity for operation, hence saves on electricity costs.

Mitticool Dinner Set

  • A complete food serving range made out of clay.
  • It contains one food plate, one glass and two small bowls.
  • This Clay plate gives natural feel at the time of eating, a complete novelty and is great for gifting.

Mitticool Matkas

  • The clay pots keep water cool naturally.

Also available:

  • Mitticool Earthen pots for dahi (curds) making.
  • Mitticool Glazed clay mugs for tea, coffee, etc.
  • Mitticool Earthen cookware (frying pans)